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Framtiden för undervisning i engelska

Vi erbjuder ett 100% digitalt resursnav där du kan komma åt varje lektion som en student behöver för att genomföra en fullständig engelskspråkig utbildning.

Classroom at The English Classroom

Teacher as the focus

Supporting teachers to be the educators they aspire to be.

Here at The English Classroom, we understand the time pressures involved with teaching, planning, creating resources and developing as a professional. That is why our lessons are completely planned, resourced and ready to go. The teacher receives step-by-step instructions and presentations to share with the students, so they can save their energy and creativity for the classroom - where it matters the most. Sign up for a free trial today.

ABC to Graduate at The English Classroom

A complete English education

ABC through to advanced level and everything inbetween.

Our English lessons are levelled on the CEFR reference for langauges and offer six levels of English - one course for each level. Every course covers all vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening skills necessary to reach the next level so teachers can trust that all learners will make excellent progress.

Connecting to The English Classroom


Teach in the classroom or online.

All resources are 100% digital - no printing or textbooks. This means that when teaching either online or in the classroom, you can follow exactly the same lessons by easily sharing your screen with students at home. 


What technology do I need?

The English Classroom resources require a laptop with internet connection, a projector or smart board and sound.

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How much does it cost?

There are three levels of subscription depending on the English level of students ensuring that no school pays for resources that they don’t need. You can try for free for the first 3 months!

How many lessons do I get?

The number of lessons depends on the subscription level that the school signs up for. However, even with the basic level of subscription it includes 200 lesson plans, instructions and presentations as well as over 800 recordings of native English.

How do the lessons work?

The teacher must read the instructions that explains step by step how to teach the lesson. When the lesson starts, the teacher shares the presentation with the students and plays all associated sound clips. The teacher chooses the pace of the lesson.

How many students can I teach?

The English Classroom resources are specially designed for large class sizes and mixed ability classes. There are hints and tips in every lesson to allow the teacher to support or stretch learners as well as differentiated tasks to ensure all students make progress.

Can I use them to teach online?

Yes, you can! You can share your screen over your chosen teaching platform and all learners can hear the sound clips. This means no disruption to learning.

Prova gratis

Vi erbjuder de tre första månaderna gratis! Få undervisning idag med över 600 lektioner från nybörjare till avancerad, redo att gå, inklusive fullständiga presentationer, ljudklipp, läxor och kompletta lärarinstruktioner.