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About the founder

Get to know the founder and the motivation behind The English Classroom

Jennifer Gardner - founder of The English Classroom

Note from the founder


My name is Jennifer Gardner and I am the founder of The English Classroom.

I have always considered myself a privileged person and I have always been lucky in life.

Maybe this isn't what you would usually expect from an entrepreneur's story - they usually triumph over some sort of tragedy or sorrow to become amazing and inspiring people, but not me. I’ve always been fortunate. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because unlike most other privileged people, I recognise how lucky I am. I understood this fact from an early age, even sitting in my fee-paying private school in a safe and prosperous country at 12 years old, I knew this. So when I turned 19 I decided to join the police force. I wanted to step out of the safe bubble that I had grown up in and experience life. I worked for the police in my home city of Coventry as a volunteer on evenings and weekends with the same powers and responsibilities as a regular police officer. After graduating from university, I worked as a teacher during the day and as a police officer at night.

One day, I was standing in the police station looking at the pin board in the office. The pin board had photos of vulnerable people who were known to the police and who I worked with regularly. I got to know some of them by name. But I slowly noticed that photos started to go missing; they were there one day and not the next. These were often young women from the same city as me and the same age as me, who had gone missing - presumed dead. And I realised in that moment, that the only difference between myself and them was that I had opportunities in life and they did not.

In hind-sight, working as a teacher and police officer in my early twenties was perhaps too intense and I decided to leave my career to travel. There must be more out there somewhere, I thought. Whilst travelling I met an amazing array of kind and interesting people, spanning cultures, languages and backgrounds. It was a common theme that they all wanted to practice their English with me and I often obliged. Learning English gave these people opportunities and this was my ‘light bulb moment’. I know I must use the opportunities that I have been given in life to create opportunities for others. 

The globe at The English Classroom


The English Classroom offers opportunities to students to access a quality education, who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance. 

The English Classroom offers opportunities to teachers to become better educators. These teachers already inspire and support students every day but they have not had the opportunity to go to training or learn English themselves. I give them the tools they lack.

I offer opportunities to students - to the future engineers, innovators and philosophers of the world so that they can learn English to connect on a global scale to create positive futures for themselves.

And I offer opportunities to societies; opportunities to grow economically, to improve equality and to create sustainable futures for the next generations.

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