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Increase student engagement

Tips on how to increase student engagement and get them enjoying English.

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Get students talking

10 easy tips to get students talking in English lessons

Part 1 of 1

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Get students talking

10 easy tips to get students talking in English lessons.

Part 2 of 2

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Are you a role model?

How to be a positive role model for your students

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Connect with students

How to build positive teacher and student relationships

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The Sustainable Teacher

What is Sustainable Teaching, why is it a good thing and how to implement it in your lessons.

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The story

The motivation behind starting The English Classroom

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How to be a better teacher - for free!

All teachers care about their students but they often run out of time to care for themselves. 

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Planning your time in lessons

our top tips for how to manage time in your lesson and how to get the most from your students.  

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Launch day message

Read about our launch day, view our free events and contact us with more ideas

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Plan an English listening lesson in 4 simple steps

Why is listening important and how to plan a basic English listening lesson.

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Native or non-native English teachers?

When I was training to be a teacher, it was widely accepted that those with the top degrees from the best universities, didn’t always make the best teachers. 

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AFL - What is it?

Assessment for learning (AFL) is an approach to teaching and learning that is used to improve students’ performance.

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Formative Assessment: A fancy term to check up on students

Formative Assessment is a fancy term for checking up on your students in real-time.

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Summative assessment and how to use it

Summative assessment refers to any type of evaluation at the end of a unit i.e. a topic or a school term.

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3 tips to make your English lessons fun

Why it is important and how to make your existing lessons fun for learners of English.

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Brain breaks for the classroom

What are they and how to use them

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Your words matter

How to use positive language in the classroom. Read more.

How fidget spinners can help create an inclusive classroom

Learn how toys can help improve behaviour and achieve results. Read more.

Self Assessment with the Traffic Light System

What is it and how does it work? Read here.

Doodling - one type of formative assessment

How to bring doodle notes and formative assessment into your classroom. Read more here.

Creative ways to use audio in the classroom

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Promoting a culture of mutual respect in the classroom

Get to know your students - 10 activities to help you learn more about the people in your classroom

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The benefits of playing games in the classroom

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The English Classroom's blog is something extra

"The English Classroom's blog is something extra. It is summarize, direct to the point and useful to me as a teacher."

Teacher: Manuela Moraes

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