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Launch day message

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Thank you!

We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you who joined us for our Global Launch day last weekend. 

The day was a success!

We had teachers from over 33 countries around the world make contact with us via either Instagram, our free webinar, email, and Microsoft TEAMS. 

This blog post is a review of the launch day, an invitation to anyone who missed it to catch up and to ask for your input on our next events. 


Instagram live with Kátia


Our first launch event was an Instagram session with Kátia Campos, a Brazilian teacher of 35 years. She shared her experience with us and advice for new teachers. Her best advice is to practice the pronunciation of English and to encourage the same from your students, as a way to master the language. Read how The English Classroom works with vocabulary and pronunciation here if you need some help.


Kátia was a huge hit! She received lots of positive comments from other teachers around the world who shared her struggles and learned from her experience. The video remains on our Instagram page if you want to watch it. 


Teacher training event


The main event of launch day was a free teacher training event hosted by The English Classroom. We had over 1000 teachers register for the event, which for a new company like us was a huge success! It also highlights the problem that we were born to solve: English teachers need support. 


The training event included two special guests who presented topics they were specialists in. The first topic, Student Engagement was presented by Reema Malik who is a true citizen of the world. She spoke about why student engagement is important and gave practical tips on how to improve it in the classroom. The next topic was, The Sustainable Teacher, introducing who it is and how we can all work towards becoming one. This was hosted by me, Jennifer Gardner. And the final topic was teaching mixed ability groups and the inclusive classroom with Manuela Moraes. Manuela fascinated our live viewers, receiving questions, comments, and thank you messages throughout her presentation. 


The topic of mixed ability classes and in particular, how to create an inclusive classroom awoke an extreme response in our teachers. We want you to know that we have taken note of this. We understand that this is the root cause of many difficulties for you as teachers. It is also difficult to find training online, especially for free. For this reason, we hope to work more closely with Manuela in the future to provide the topics and education that you, as English teachers, want and need. 


We had 99% of the teachers say they would recommend our training event to a friend. But if there are any specific topics you would like more support with, please email them to us or message us on social media to tell us. We would love to hear from you!


If you want to watch the launch day Teacher Training event, it is available for free on our Youtube channel (or at the top of this page) to watch whenever you have time. We highly recommend it for any teachers looking to improve your professional development and to share with friends and colleagues. More than this, make sure you follow us on social media for more events, tips, and free support. 


The English Classroom is now live and ready for you to start teaching. It provides pre-planned schemes of work based on the levels A1-C2. The courses are organised by topic and grammar skills, whichever you choose to focus on. All lessons come with teacher instructions and a full presentation to show to students in your classroom or online. Everything is already planned and made for you, meaning you can start teaching immediately. There are no materials to print or textbooks to buy. 


To learn how to sign up, get started, and to see how the platform looks, you can watch a demonstration video here.


Finally, thank you again for being part of our special launch day. The English Classroom is made for teachers and it is supported by teachers. We are here for each other and on our launch day, we really felt your support.


Please keep in touch so we can repay the favour!



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Written by Jennifer Gardner

Founder of The English Classroom

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